Animation Weight shift test

I made more animation. 


I IMPROVED ^_^_^_^__^

….bit tired in this one XD

:D :D :D 


Currently looking for posters that would be hung in a Airport. If you’ve designed/illustrated something in the past (or want to do it now) and would like to have it in my Senior Stop Motion film as a mini poster please email me a JPG/Tiff of it :D! You will be credited in my film and would be able to add it to your resume. 8D!

Think how cool it would be to see mini people moving around interacting and your poster would be right there :D! 

Preparations for the senior project >.<

Here’s two seconds.

Didn’t end up finishing….

He melted in the end…

Here it is. My Stop Motion Final. 

I hope you enjoy.